Programs and Phases

Strength Mastery

An introductory level program, strength mastery teaches athletes foundational movements and a variety of body weight exercises. We utilize a color system to demonstrate a student athlete’s progression from color to color. There are six levels for athletes to move through starting off at white and moving all the way to black. In order for an athlete to move up, a signature indicating mastery of that exercise is required.


Athlete Foundation (BEGINNER 1-3)

Building on the movements learned in the strength mastery program, the beginning program is the foundation on which a child’s long-term athletic development is built. Athletes learn a portion of an Olympic lifting progression, a squat progression and continue to practice different bodyweight movements.


Baseline (BEGINNER 4-6)

The second round of a six-week phase, in the final three weeks we look to establish a projected one rep max (1RM) on some of the core lifts done throughout our program. Whereas in the first three weeks, athletes are learning the lifts, the second three weeks, athletes are practicing the lifts at an increased intensity. Athletes are tested on the 6th week.


Athlete Development  (12-WEEKS)

The Athlete Development program was adopted from Boyd Epley’s system used at the University of Nebraska. Using simple linear periodization, each mesocycle is broken down into its own emphasis. The base phase emphasizes hypertrophy, the strength phase emphasizes general strength and the peak phase allows athletes to work at higher percentages of their projected 1RM helping to develop peak power. At the end of the 12-week program, we like to test athletes again in their core lifts to identify a new projected 1RM.


Technique (4-WEEKS)

Typically used as a change of pace program, the technique template allows athletes to either refresh their skills or get acclimated to a new 1RM. In addition to Olympic lifting variations, the technique template incorporates high-intensity protocols, low-level plyometrics and body weight strength movements.