"Vince, Gabe, and multiple other trainers were like father figures. MHOP was my after school club, and I learned good habits that I will never shake. There was absolutely value in the physical and athletic goals that I accomplished, but there was far more value in the mentorship and relationships that I built with the men at HOP"

- Victor


"Finishing your workout each day at Mini's HOP is like overcoming a minor milestone. One day you look back at where you started and realize you have a collection of minor milestones that have added up to one big milestone. Maybe that minor milestone felt like trying to lift an Atlas stone each day. But, where you once lifted a pebble you now lift a chunk out of a mountain. You don't always know the outcome, but you know in whatever aspect of your life - work, relationships, happiness - you have to build and keep building. If you keep building and don't slow down, you'll never regret the end result."

"Being a member of Mini's House of Pain helped me to trust again, not only in others, but specifically in myself. I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be."

- Suzy- Danielle

"Outside of the gym, HOP taught me discipline. It taught me how to start and finish something. It taught me how to commit myself to a routine, and not take any shortcuts. It taught me the accountability to follow through with my obligations. Although I discontinued playing football, the lessons I learned outside of the sport are valuable to me today, 6+ years later. I'll never forget Gabe, Vince, and company!"

- Charlie


"I went to Mini's House of Pain to become a better athlete, which I became, but more important I became a better man. I wish every young man could go through the same experience I went through. Mini's House of Pain taught me the value of hard work, discipline, and a never quit/chase excellence attitude. These values I still carry with me today. One other note I'd like to point out, Vince was never my trainer, he is my mentor. Gabe never was my trainer, he is my big brother. At Mini's House of Pain, values are the cornerstone principle, which takes precedent amongst all else."

- Jonathan